Welcome to Some Kind of Sign

Welcome to Some Kind of Sign. Over the years, I have explored spirituality and religion from a comedic standpoint and found an endeavor that I find fun and rewarding.

I drive around from place-to-place, take high-rez images of church signs, synagogue signs, mosque signs, and funeral parlor/graveyard signs, and then I Photoshop them to add messages. Hopefully, when I put the mosque signs up, there won’t be a contract out on me.

These are not real signs. These are doctored signs. So don’t be a dolt and ask me where I found them.

More and more are being added every day. That and various writings. Hope you enjoy the site!

confession st. augustine church sign”live

Christ the King Lutheran Church


South Des Moines Seventh Day Adventist Church


St. Mark’s Episcopal Church


St. Andrew’s Lutheran Church


Church of Christ


Notre Dame Church


Bethesda Baptist Church


Church of St. John the Divine


First Unitarian Church of South Florida


St. Peter’s of Iowa


Sioux Falls Assembly of God


Our Savior Lutheran Church & School


West Junction Presbyterian Church


Our Lady of the Cape St. Mark Cathedral


Church of St. Michael


Pilgrim Lutheran Church


Church of Charismatic Truth


Good Shepherd Church of Lubbock


Church of St. Luke


Church of the Eucharist


Church of St. John the Apostle


What Is Scientology?


Trinity Lutheran Church


St. Peter's of North Jersey


West Los Angeles Presbyterian Church


St. Agnes of Assisi Catholic Church


Eighth Church of Christ, Scientist


Seventh Day Adventist Church


St. Peter Catholic Church


East San Diego Christian Center


St. Francis Catholic Church


East Peoria Methodist Church


Church House


All Souls Parish

Disciples of Christ